4mm. Cube

Miyuki 4mm. Cubes are the largest of the Miyuki crisp edged cube. They are a great foil for other shaped beads as they create a smooth flush surface when worked as Peyote Stitch brick stitch or Square stitch. They also create a fairly rigid base on which to add other beads and crystals. 4mm. Cubes can often replace 3mm. Cubes in patterns to make larger versions of your favourite beaded pieces. 4mm. Cubes are sold in packs of 10 grammes which equates to around 105 beads depending on the bead finish. Cubes are not as precisely shaped as seed beads, so you can expect to find a proportion of them misshapen, however, these are absolutely great when used in Asymmetric pieces, Bead Embroidery, Wire and Bead Jewellery and Freeform pieces!