Welcome to fransbeading.com!

Hello, I'm Fran Griffith, welcome to my new website. Eventually, I'm going to be showing you all my workshops with their venues as well as beads, kits and patterns you can buy now. To see the myriad of new items I'm adding every day, you'll need to refresh the page every time you look. To find the beads I've already added, look under 'Beads' on the top pink bar or 'More Categories' below. You will see, I'm going to be very, very busy...... wish me luck with it! I will be adding: ARCOS, AVA, BAROQUE OVALS, BERRY, BUTTON, CABOCHON, CANDY, CRESCENT, DAGGERS, DOME BEADS, DRAGON SCALE, DROPDUO, FACETS, GEKKO, GEMDUO, GINKO, HALF MOON, IRISDUO, LEAVES, LENTILS, MOBYDUO, MUSHROOMS, O BEADS, PIP, PAISLEYDUO, PEARLS, PINCH, POLARIS, PYRAMIDS, RICE, RIPPLE, RIZO, RULLA, SILKY, SPIKES, STORMDUO, SUPER 8s, SUPERDUOS,TWO HOLE, TOOTH, TRIANGLES, TWIN BEADS, VEXOLO, VINTAGE NUGGETS, WIBEDUO, ZOLIDUO, as well as a large range of Miyuki: BERRY, BUGLES, 1.8 CUBES, DROPS, MAGATAMA, SEED BEADS, 15,11,8,6,5, TILA, HALF TILE, QUARTER TILA, TRIANGLES, 10, 8, 5. STRINGING MATERIALS AND FINDINGS, there may be more! I feel exhausted just looking at the list! I hope you find something you will enjoy using.